Jay Vee Ranch Arabians

High Performance Arabian Horses of Southern Alberta


At the Jay Vee Ranch we believe that horses, like other living creatures, are influenced by the natural environment in which they live. If you take horses of superior ancestry, raise them in surroundings that challenge them both mentally and physically, the result will be horses of great potential.

Spanning Verdigris Coulee in Southern Alberta, our 1500 acres provide our horses with the demanding environment that shaped their ancestors. The wide-open spaces and the rough terrain both offer the necessary challenges for superb athletic development.

Our goal is to produce horses that are not ony well suited for the show ring but also for perfomance and endurance events, while still being able to enjoy a Sunday afternoon trail ride.

For Randy and Joan Thiessen, it was their dream to own a ranch and raise Arabian horses.  After seventeen years, they have assembled an outstanding broodmare band. The majority have strong Russian pedigrees with lineage to Efar, Procent, Pesniar, and Pietuszok to name only a few. Several were imported from Europe. They are big, exceptionally well structured mares. Their breeding stallions have strong pedigrees, starting with their first stud, WM Prince Of Peace, who is Pietuszok’s great grandson. His dam *Patina is a *Muscat grand-daughter of classic Russian Heritage. His foals are athletes with a willing attitude and a gentle disposition.

Joan Thiessen’s nursing background has complemented the Ranch, with respect to breeding and health management of the horses. They handle and imprint each newborn carefully teaching the foal that human handling is a natural part of life. Their imprinting includes daily human contact throughout the foals development. This enables a smooth transition to training. Each foal is trained to halter, trim and load. They are people oriented and easy to handle.

Their daughter Tenille, started training green-broke Arabians at the age of eleven. She learned how to train under the tutelage of Eric Brand, a retired, well-known Canadian trainer. Tenille collected numerous top fives in Western Pleasure and placed in the top five in Ladies Side Saddle. With more experience and training, she won a Top Ten at the Canadian Nationals in Western Pleasure JTR 14-17 years. After graduating from High School, she is now training and showing full time at the Jay Vee Ranch. She takes pride in training horses that show well in the ring as well as teaching them to handle amateurs and children on the Ranch.

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